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Famous kathi rolls is an innovation that has already proven itself in Bangalore. The franchise brings entrepreneurial skills, local business knowledge and a network of contacts. The essentials of every fortunate franchise. We don’t look for plain investment partners, instead, we build partnerships satisfied by the business acumen and passion of both franchisor and franchisee.

Why Franchise With us

The Kathi Rolls Group is a chain of speciality kathi rolls with multiple operations across India. It also has multiple projects in the pipeline. This means compelling ground research has already been carried out and therefore, any primary expenditure / investment a franchisee makes will have a solid basis. The Group is now making its way to nationally recognized brand. Its credibility decreases any potential risk of failure.

A tie-up with the famous Kathi Rolls on spot gives access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be used for advancement, expansion and smooth operation of the franchise. Famous Kathi Rolls offers its franchises, categorised, proven business format, method of operation & control, along with know-how on product/ service/ marketing. We also provide management assistance, along with accounting procedures, personnel and efficient facility management, merchandising & promotion among other details.
The Famous Kathi Rolls thus gives its franchises a unique choice to explore business opportunities with professional assistance and to maximize business performances.
Few points that would make you Awestruck about the Franchise with our Rolls:
• Great and Authentic taste
• Minimum Investment
• Maximum Varieties of options to choose from

1st Model
Franchise Investment* 7 Lakhs
Menu Over 25 Variety of Kathi Roll, Kabab's, AFC Chicken 32 0.20, Beverages)
Area 200 SQ. FT. Stores
Royalty After 3 Months - 4%

2nd Model
Franchise Investment* 10 Lakhs
Menu Over 25 Variety of Kathi Roll, Kabab's, Grilled Chicken, AFC Chicken, Beverages
Total area 600 SQ.FT
Royalty After 3 Months - 4%

3rd Model
Franchise Investment* 18 Lakhs
Menu Over Over 25 Variety of Kathi Roll, Kabab's, Grilled Chicken, AFC Chicken, , Biryani, Mughlai Cuisine, Main Course, Beverages.
Total area 600 SQ. FT.
Royalty After 3 Months - 4%

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